Empowering the Lambeth community
with knowledge

Who we are

Local GPs and Community networks fighting against the virus and ensuring the overall health and wellbeing of residents.

Get the Jab

Check who and how to get the COVID-19 Vaccine 1st and 2nd doses as well as the vaccine booster.

Our community

Information for All People and All Faiths brought by local Lambeth Communities


Find out what's happening in Lambeth for vaccine efforts and overall wellbeing of the community


Who we are

Local GPs from surgeries across Stockwell, Brixton & Clapham coming together with the community to make sure we leave the pandemic together - leaving no one behind.

Our Community

The vaccine is there  for everyone. A space where people from all faith and cultural background come together against the virus.

Wellbeing Ambassadors

Group of community connectors that can help you to make an informed choice about wellbeing, vaccination and much more.

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