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Answering to the comunity questions about the COVID-19 vaccine for 12 - 17 year olds in Lambeth

The Wellbeing Ambassadors bring new queries from the community gathered through their day-to-day engagement in the Lambeth neighbourhoods, and they are answered by local GPs.

As for teenagers, do they only get a second jab if they turn 18 within 6 months of their first?

If you are within 3 months of becoming 18 then you follow guidelines for adults - 2 doses at least 8 weeks apart

If you are younger than this AND healthy you follow the 12 - 17 guidelines which is to have only one dose (it has not yet been announced if/when a 2nd dose is needed)

But if you are 12-17 and are considered at risk then you will be offered 2 doses (like adults). This group of children should have been contacted by their GP or hospital doctor to let them know they qualify.

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