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GP answers questions about the COVID-19 vaccine

The Wellbeing Ambassadors bring fresh queries from the community gathered through their day-to-day engagement in the Lambeth neighbourhoods, and they are answered by local GPs.

Can I have a Covid test the day after my vaccine, 1 week after, or should I wait some days?

How the vaccine creates an immune response is complex and involves multiple different cells and reactions in your body. The Covid antibody test is not reliable and does not differentiate between whether you have antibodies due to the vaccine or because you had an infection (which could have been silent). It is therefore NOT recommended to the general public as a way of checking your immunity.

Can we have any advice or guidance for people that are scared of needles?

I have seen some patients who have been led to believe that the needle involved in this vaccine is much bigger or invasive than your usual flu jab or travel vaccines. It is not and they are pleasantly surprised. In fact, most people who I saw scared about the jab were left a bit underwhelmed when they had the vaccine.

However, if you do have a needle phobia - let the vaccine clinic know. They will have had an experience of this with others considering 90% of the population have been vaccinated and I am sure will give you a bit of extra time and support. Also, NHS organisations are directing patients to the anxiety UK webpage on this which looks helpful:

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