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Stockwell Mosque Pop-Up Vaccine Clinic Success

Lambeth pop-up clinics are saving lives by protecting ‘hard-to-reach’ groups

It was a great turn out for Lambeth’s diverse population and a strong success with many attendees representing communities that might be traditionally thought of as ‘hard to reach’ due to cultural or language barriers. Over 70% were made up of African, Asian, Caribbean, Latin American or Portuguese speaking populations. This no doubt was linked to the role of the mosque as a site and the strong local connections.

These local clinics are a great way to engage with local people who have been resistant previously. At this clinic over half of those vaccinated could be deemed as patients who have so far not engaged with their call to take up the vaccine or who were not registered. Examples include:

  • a 83 year old Arabic Man who came because it was the mosque and he trusted this

  • a 70 year old Spanish gentleman attending with his daughter who came for her vaccine

  • a 50+ year old Caribbean lady attended because she was inspired by the community element of the event

  • some who did not read/speak English well or were unregistered with a GP

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